Metta World Peace, formerly known as Ron Artest, Jr., is an entrepreneur, creative mind and artist.  Metta received many accolades during his 19-year professional playing career including NBA Champion, NBA Defensive Player Of The Year, 3rd Team All NBA, recipient of the J. Walter Kennedy “Citizenship of the Year Award” and more.

Metta is now entering the worlds of Sports Tech Business and Digital Marketing.  Please join Metta on his this new phase in his journey. 

Join Metta World Peace for an AMA Reddit session on Tuesday, June 29th at 11:00am PDT, profile: r/MettaWorldPeace37Win. Check back here for additional details, coming soon!

Artest Management Group and Metta World Peace started XvsX Sports to bring the power of sports into everyone’s hands, helping create and connect communities across America. 

Former NBA World Champion Metta World Peace started XvsX because he saw the opportunity that local basketball could bring to non-pro athletes. He’s brought in sponsors, other pro-players and influencers to launch this company that gives players, organizers, and coaches all the tools they need to grow thriving local basketball games and leagues.  Download the app today to get tools to create teams, organize leagues, games and practices and post and see great basketball content.

The Panda’s Friend brand was founded by Metta World Peace.  Giant Pandas are an iconic species and are one of the most breathtaking animals in the world with their style and personality.  They also symbolize peace and love  – qualities Metta is an advocate for.  Support TPF by visiting:



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Mental Health Discussions

 Metta World Peace donated his championship ring in 2010 to bring awareness to Mental Health.  Metta can be booked as a speaker for either virtual or in-person talks for corporate companies, non-profit groups, schools, and more where he shares his personal experiences and lessons learned from a 19-year career playing in professional sports and how he overcame the challenges he faced and overcame throughout his career and personal life.

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Metta can be booked for in-person or vitual book signing sessions for his autobiography, “No Malice: My Life in Basketball” by completing the form below.