Get ready for the Metta World Peace Ultimate Comedy Tour... with the country's top comedians!

Contact Todd Frank from 4Star Entertainment if you're interested in booking a live date!


  1. Crackers Comedy Club In Indianapolis! Its in Boadripple a strip of bars that all the amateurs go to! ITS AMAZING

  2. edgar quintero July 22, 2013

    Please provide me with info for the next stand up comedy show in the la area.

  3. Jimmy van pelt July 23, 2013

    Huge mwp fan went to book signing really bumbed I couldn't get jersey signed. Can u please give me info for next auto graph signing or a place I can purchase legitimate sighned jersey
    Thank you for your time
    Jimmy van pelt
    Please write back huge fan!!

  4. Perform at the Laugh factory in Long Beach! It's be perfect. Let me know because i'llbe the first one to get my tickets. :)

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